Logistics Update


Well here’s another little logistical update.  It’s now 6 weeks until the start of the race and 1 week before my level 4 training.  The reality of what I am about to do is beginning to hit home quite hard and I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the things I’ve yet to do and the enormity of what I’m about to undertake.  Time to ‘man up’ and get on with it really!

Here’s a little resume of what I’ve achieved so far:-

iPod dilemma solved, I now have a shiny new iTouch which does all sorts of amazing things other than just play music. 

Sailing boots have arrived thanks to Musto being better organised than Dubarry.

I now have a stack of envelopes addressed and stamped for Daddykins that good friends will use to post him race details from my blog, the official website and an official e.mail.  [Thank you Jo, Emma and Ali]

One USA on-line form completed and Embassy appointment made, $140 paid!  A little trip to London to follow for my interview.

Aussie visa is much less time consuming and free, a 10 minute on-line job, all done.

All bank direct debits sorted out.

New credit card arranged with no foreign fees.

All bank cards due to expire half way round, replaced.

Some currency for each country sorted.

Flights to the race start for Daddykins booked.

Post will be opened and either binned or saved for me.  [Thanks Emma]

Laser eye surgery discounted in favour of monthly contact lenses.

Sports bra issues solved, I’m now the proud owner of 3 new ones.

Parcels of top-up bits (toiletries, lemon & ginger tea bags and girlie things) almost complete for posting out to various ports.  [Thank you Lucie]

Unwanted clutter looked out and taken to charity shops or listed on e.bay.  [Thank you Pete]

So that just leaves; the tax man, a sailing knife, phone solution, charity page launch, bear/giraffe facts to learn and a million other things I’ve now added to the list.

It feels never ending.  I can’t wait ‘till all I have to do is race… ‘Phew’.

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1 Response to Logistics Update

  1. English Sis says:

    Once you leave port everything will melt away – things you haven’t done will just have to wait a year!! x

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