Media Role

Smile please…

You are reading an article written by Edinburgh Inspiring Capital’s Media Team Leader.  I can’t quite believe it.  I’m very excited to have been selected from our crew to lead the media communications from our boat.  I’ll have 2 assistants helping me on each leg and between us we will be responsible for writing an Edinburgh blog for the official website, taking photos and capturing the race from our boats perspective on film.  The filming will become part of the Clipper TV series.

I feel very privileged that not only will I have the chance to learn to sail, I’ll also be learning about media stuff too.  I already have a bit of a passion for photography (friends – just think of the numerous birthday cards you will now receive with sailing photos on them!) and have enjoyed writing this blog so far but filming is new to me so that’s quite exacting. 

From 20th July I will be attending some pre-race training where I will get some media training to help.  Look out David Bailey, Stephen Spielberg and … [insert here the name of some famous blogger, I’m at a bit of a loss to think of one – perhaps there’s a niche in the market!]. 

My task as set by Clipper is to send back images and text that make us look like sailing superheroes.  So if you want those bits along with the crew having a few drinks and pictures of Hector the Highland Coo mascot on tour then keep reading here.  If it’s just the sailing hero bit you’re after (and who could blame you because that’s what adventurous and endurance sports are all about) then turn to the official website for those instalments, where there will be less of the ‘smile please and more of the ‘look tough please’.

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2 Responses to Media Role

  1. Sal says:

    Most famous bloggers I’ve heard of are men pretending to be lesbians …… so not sure you want to be associated with any of them 😉

  2. Alysoun says:

    Perfect role. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Then comes the book and film of course – no pressure!!! Big hug to you, you clever talented lady

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