Look what we’ve done so far…

When I set up my Just Giving page for Cancer Research I had no idea how much I would be excited and motivated by it.  I really wanted to do something to remember my Mum and to use the race for a good cause but I had no idea how involved I would become and how the fact of raising money for cancer research would be so addictive.  The night I set the page up I raised £430 in the first half and hour, I was dancing round the living room with excitement and since then I’ve been addicted, I can’t help but check the page regularly to see how the total is going.  People have been so generous in their support, it has really astounded me.  What’s even better is that I’ve just had an e.mail from a lady a Cancer Research telling me how my (well it’s everyone whose sponsored me really) Just Giving page is helping to save lives.  She’s made the money really tangible. 

So far I’ve (you all, again!) raised £2,660.  That’s enough to support 20 women on a trial to investigate whether a national screening programme for ovarian cancer would help to save lives. 

Thank you so much to all who have sponsored me, you’ve really made the race worthwhile for me and I know that Cancer Research are incredibly grateful too.

If you haven’t sponsored me and you’d like to please just click on the link.  🙂 http://www.justgiving.com/J-Lesley-Roberts

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1 Response to Look what we’ve done so far…

  1. Sarah Gray says:

    What a fantastic start. It’s great to see how the money will be used.

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