Prep Week

Here’s a little taste of what’s going on pre race.  We are working through endless lists to get the boat ready for the start and attending training courses to ensure we know what we are doing for our extra roles.  I spend 3 days with the media team learning about how to shoot film and edit it then send it back over the satellite phone. 

Our ropes all on deck whilst we work below.





Rich going into the crash bulk head to loosen the pull pit bolts and give it a clean.






Alex re-bedding the stantions.





Prepping the food for leg 1, all the labels need to be removed and the bulk dry products separated into portion sizes then all put in day bags.  It’s a lengthy process; planning, budgeting, shopping, loading and unloading, peeling labels, writing contents on cans, splitting to days then packing into separate bags.  It takes a long time and a lot of helpers.  We have the joy of doing this in every port and then the joy of ding another shop for the fresh produce.


Thanks again to Mars we were given some great products.




The environment at the pontoon is one of great camaraderie as everyone works hard to get the boats ready.  The crew working on our boat were in great spirits and worked together really well.  People just got on with their jobs and were happy to do anything on the list.  There was no tension or frustration between the crew and given the amount we have to do and the ambiguity of it all was quite a miracle.  There was happy banter and healthy respect for everyone – it bodes well for the race.


Rich, Martyn and Alex enjoying a well deserved cup of tea.




CV1 (aka Edinburgh Clipper) was the first boat built in the fleet.  It was discovered that her keel was too short/light so a lump of metal was stuck to the bottom of it.  As a result she sits a little lower in the water than the other boats.  We’ve discovered that this means she is great at sailing up-wind (as you can see in the photo above, we’re in the lead) and a bit slower down wind – the majority of the race!

The race start is getting closer and closer now.  Exactly a week today we will have crossed the start line and be heading to Madeira (possible still doing a few more minor boat maintenance tasks!).

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  1. Simon johnson says:

    Best wishes Lesley for a wonderful and life changing adventure.

    kind regards


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