Race 1 story by picture

For those who like picture books or executive summaries of few words here goes…

Ropes on the deck during prep week.


Bazza and I – A Mars a day…


Sue and David making strops in the sunshine.


Anton’s canapes.  For some, mother watch has been more easy than others.  It takes a bit of getting used to moving around and cooking at a 20 or 30 degree angle.  Then with little notice the angle changes to be from the opposite side and all your carefully balanced plates, cups and food slides to the opposite side of the boat.  Your partner on mother watch really can make or break the day.  Getting on intuitively really helps along with a vague idea about how to work a kitchen.  Timing is also a bit of a challenge, things take about 4 times as long to do.  This is because the galley is extremely small and you are cooking for 20! 

Me being Mum for the day.


Prepping the boat pre race.  Stringing the pull pit took ages but it’s well worth it for a bit of grip when standing on it to bring sails down.


Anton out on the end of the pole going to spike the Spinnaker.  We had a few days of great Spinnaker flying before it ripped causing us to slow down massively and conributing to our last place 😦


Nick retrieving the ripped Spinnaker so that we could stich it back together once on land.


If only we had managed to keep our sails like this I’m sure we would have finished with a better place.



Karen and Gordon working on their inner tigers.  Karen is dressed in Nick’s padded snowboarding gear to give her some protection for when she is up the mast.

We have a crew meeting every day after lunch, Gordon always closes the meeting with Mars bars for all.

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9 Responses to Race 1 story by picture

  1. chris cowen says:

    I cant stop logging into the updates and tracking the whole race. Its fantastic what you guys are doing. Love the pictures and the fact that you want to get back out there shows what a great time you are having. Love it, take care.

  2. Kim Rolfe says:

    Lesley Honey it looks like yo are having a ball and remember its a “marathon not a sprint” loads of time for those all important podium places…yes I know we will be competitors soon but while Im home watching all you guys Im sending good vibes to all :-)…..keep up the good work and carry on having FUN …..see you in the Gold Coast XXX

  3. Martyn Roan says:

    Hiya Lesley, who’s a clever girl then …this is really terrific. Not sure how I’m going to cope with the 10 months wait to join you lot next year ! The lovely stories of how well you guys are getting along…the banter…the so called “drivel” …the pictures… Not sure what other people were hoping to see or hear about from the Purple Beastie team , but absolutely on the button for me. Me , sitting here in my office in the “real” Milton Keynes , thinking what am I doing here ???…..please just keep it coming , Lesley, whenever you have a mo. Well done . Martyn 🙂

  4. Zena Louth says:

    Hey Lesley, how fantastic! Following your blog with kids and loving all the pics. Will sort out those pics you sent me 🙂 Miss you! Zena x

  5. Really love your 11 August updates, great images and very well written account of your day to day etc. 5th place too, go Lesley, go Purple Beastie!

  6. Simon Johnson says:

    Hi Lesley

    Just checked race viewer, any celebrations on crossing the equator?

    Sounds a bit warm currently.

    Chocolate melting?

  7. David Cockburn says:

    Hi Lesley, seems you’ve been a bit unlucky with the forecasts not materialising quite as planned, but at 75nm made good in 12 hours you are now greatly outperforming the boats in closest proximity – a sign that the best is yet to come. Just to cheer you up I joined the virtual regatta two days after it started and they put me at the back in 9567th position. I’ve been doing well but just another 8913 boats to overtake before the lead! All the best to you, the skipper and the rest of the crew and here’s hoping you can make up a place or two which would be a great achievement from current position.

  8. David Cockburn says:

    Wow, this is addictive – dialling every few hours in for all the updates! Looks like Quidao are going to have to put in a tack and might drop down the leader board quite quickly. Not sure what the French boat is up to but as the second most easterly boat in the 2nd pack I can see you taking 6th place soon. Of course you might not get this before Rio but if so you’ll at least know we were all getting excited at your progress!!

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