Reaching Madeira

Well last but not least is an appropriate cliché.  We arrived yesterday (10th August) in full kilts with a strong breeze blowing.  I think a few on-lookers got more than they bargained for as we sailed in.  I was doing a good Marilyn Monroe impression whilst trying to unhank the Yankee from the forestay.  We were greeted with some beer, pizza, Madeira wine and a traditional hat then it was on with the deep clean and boat maintenance.  I must admit, I’m not that bothered about touching land so early on although it was amazing to have a proper shower this morning.  We’ve covered so little of what is a very long way, in some respects I’d rather still be out there sailing on.  Stopping does give us one huge advantage though – we’ve been able to lay out our giant spinnaker and get started on stitching her back together.  She may look a bit like Herman Munster by the time the sail repair team have finished but she will do us proud I’m sure.  It’s more ‘jobs’ this morning and then a tour of the island this afternoon before a crew dinner and presentation ceremony.  We leave again tomorrow afternoon so it’s a quick turnaround.  Roll on reaching Rio when we will get a proper stop.

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1 Response to Reaching Madeira

  1. Sal says:

    Hope the locals appreciated everyone being all dressed up – good job you didn’t arrive at 2 in the morning !! I’m sure once your Munster spinnaker is all fixed you fly across the Atlantic. Make the most of the few days of beer and showers you’ll be underway again in no time!

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