Team Banter – an insight

I thought you might like a bit of an insight to the day to day banter amongst the team.  It’ll also introduce you to a few of the characters and you’ll get a feel for what I am living with every day – it’s tough but I’m ploughing on through.

Our skipper had introduced us to the concept that we all have ‘inner tigers’  waiting to roar when we need them.  An example of a little pep talk from him would be:- 

It’s going to be a bit splishy and  a bit splashy

A bit whoa and a bit whahey

So dig a little deeper

And find your inner tiger

 Which roughly translates as, there will be rough seas with big swells and it will be blowing a hoolie.  Waves will be crashing over the bow and you’re going to have to man up, not be sea sick and pull your finger out – I think his expression is a lot nicer.

In Rich’s (Richard Abraham RTWer)  case his inner tiger can often be found purring inside just waiting to strike (he refers to it as being like a ‘coiled slinky’)!  Do you see what I have to put up with?  We are all keeping our inner tiger energised with Mars bar after Mars bar.  I’ve never known anyone who could eat more Mars bars in one day than Nick Rudd (RTWer), he never turns down chocolate and is often seen with a mouthful of Haribo too.

The crew have also discovered the meaning of some Scottish words/phrases:-

Numpties = Muppets eg. ‘You bunch of Numpties’. [Al Gibson, this always reminds me of you!]

Dookets = Cave lockers

Smir = Drizzely rain

Gordon is keeping ‘you bunch of tubes’ in his top pocket for a quiet moment.

Big purple beastie = our pet name for the boat.


Bazza (Barry Chamberlain – RTWer) has opened our boat shower for business and much to his delight has used all 3 of his leaving presents now; a 10” spanner, an adjustable spanner and his plunger! 

Karen (Karen Murray RTWer) and Keith (Keith Nelson RTWer) are having a bit of banter about basques and FMB’s!  I’ve no idea how the topic began but the wee small hours of the night watches are responsible for many unusual topics.   So far we’ve covered religion and which of the male crew would look good in a dress.  Mike and John seem a bit keen on the dressing up front and we suspect they may have a dress or two with them.  John seems particularly keen on  black slinky number but is worried about finding the right accessories and Mike has a penchaunt (sp?) for yellow.  We’ve decided that Gordon (skipper) is not the dress wearing type but for the comedy value he’d be fab in a navy blue floral number with a lace collar.  Bet you’re glad that at night you are tucked up in bed and not talking drivel on the deck of a boat!   Also regarding Gordon we have one main top tip so far; when he’s tired and sleep deprived he can be a little ‘grumpy’, he takes about 10 – 15 mins to come too once he’s up.  So it’s best to hand him a cup of fully loaded coffee then another one then something sugary before approaching.  But the majority of the time he has the patience of a saint and is great at being self aware once he’s fully woken up and rested.

Csaba is a living legend with his tool kit and has done all sorts of engineering jobs but woe betide you if you put things back in the wrong place.  He has a foam baseball bat handy to ensure you tidy up.

Hot bunking is working out ‘just’ but for those who don’t have a fixed bunk I think it is a bit patience testing and it does mean there is kit everywhere.  In Madeira we lose a couple of media people who have been on the boat and we’ll have a bit more space.  Overall I can’t believe how well we are all getting on.  It’s a bit of a miracle.  I hope it lasts for the whole race ad that we mange to keep up the team banter.

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2 Responses to Team Banter – an insight

  1. Holly Cocker says:

    Hahaha this is brilliant! Love the pic too! xx

  2. Sal says:

    Mike also has an nice range of hats – some floral – and may be pursuaded to an excellent rendition of Albert and the Lion (if he brought his book) to while away a night watch – his epic poem reading has entertain many a crew on School Regattas! I believe there to be some photographic evidence of the yellow dress but most of them are under lock and key!! Thanks again for all the insights – keep them coming it brings your world closer to ours (and makes at least some of us wish we were there too!) Take care

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