Apologies for the delay…

Just to say sorry for the delay in posting the last few blogs – we’ve been on holiday! I’ve put the dates in that I received them so that you can retrospectively picture what Lesley was up to!
Normal service should now be resumed so keep checking in,
Ali (Blog Assistant!)

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4 Responses to Apologies for the delay…

  1. Alysoun says:

    FANTASTIC to hear the news.

  2. Sal says:

    Didn’t realise you were acting as Blog master and was a bit concerned Lesley had lost her connectivity. Glad normal service has been restored. Great to catch up on all the news. Hope you had a good holiday.

  3. English Sis says:

    Fab, Thanks Ali (and obviously thanks Scottish one – not that she’ll see this i guess)

  4. Martyn Roan says:

    Hi Lesley, just read your fistful of blogs that have just come through… with the lack of comments there’d been I’d wondered if you’d been hiding behind the lee cloth for a week seeking solace . Not a bit of it ..terrific insight to life on Edinburgh…brilliant job Lesley..and this is only leg 1. Liked the showers bits…single and comunal, and stompy Keith ..oh yes and the non aromatic crocks. Trust we’ll get an advance copy of the book when it come out. Well done Lesley, good luck to all and keep safe. Martyn

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