DECK SHOWERS AT LAST (e-mailed 23/08/11)

Woo hoo… let the deck showers commence.

We’ve had a day of chasing the wind and trying to gain the right course at the same time – this sailing game isn’t easy you know! We’re close hauled and trying to head south.

Whilst working hard to make the most of the wind we found ourselves heading for some squalls, the first one turned out to be a slight drizzle with a bit of increased wind, the second one on the other hand proved much more fun. With this one came lots of rain and no increase in wind. Not ideal for sailing but superb for deck showers. Marcus was first up, shower gel in hand and board shorts on, he headed for the deck. Like sheep the rest of the boys, led by the skipper, followed suit. There is a huge amount of comedy value in watching your crew mates stand on deck under the main sail making the most of the rain with huge grins on their faces. I’m not sure it was quite a shampoo and set but there were a lot of soapy bubbles coming from a variety of places!

The lure was too much, so Karen and I followed suit, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel at the ready (underwear, in case you are wondering – and mine was even matching, no lace though!). There is a definite art in soaping up, rinsing off and trying to keep your balance on deck. This is one of the occasions where ‘a hand for you and a hand for the boat’ becomes a little tricky – even more so when you have your eyes closed to prevent the shampoo getting into them. It’s the first proper shower we have all had since leaving Madeira 11 days ago – so it feels amazing and the crew are definitely all smelling a lot sweeter (there are still some exceptionally smelly shoes but c’est la vie) The rain was so persistent and heavy that some of us have even managed to wash our clothes, now all we need is the sun to pop back out and the breeze to pick up again and we’ll be on course and looking good (albeit, now that we’ve the oven tray mirror I now know that I’m not Vogue material!).

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1 Response to DECK SHOWERS AT LAST (e-mailed 23/08/11)

  1. Rachel Challifour says:

    Oh Lesley, loving all the updates! No idea what you’re talking about with all the technical sailing terms but get the ghist you are working hard, it’s hot and there is a distinct lack of showers xx All good here on Bath. House now finished just needs decorating! So proud of you, keep happy.

    Loads of love! Rach xx

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