Edinburgh Peak & Chat

A little update on where we are and on day to day life…

We are currently making our way just south of the Tristan Da Cunha Islands (one of them has a mountain called Edinburgh peak – a good omen we hope) and hoping to pick up a weather front which will shoot us up the pack (we’re currently last!) and take us in the perfect direction for Cape Town, whilst the boats that have gone north of the islands will be becalmed due to the weather front not reaching them till later. Fingers crossed our skipper’s plan works out as it would be rewarding to have a higher placing in this race.

As a watch we are still keeping each other amused with such games as ‘what did you want to be when you were wee?’ and ‘what would you like to do when you grow up?’ suggestions for my future career have included; clown, mime artist, air hostess, fossil hunter. The topics of conversation are wide ranging though as only yesterday David Gallagher and Kay were discussing the merits of the Government funding the arts and whether or not the BBC should be privatised. I’ve known for some time that I need to be more up to date on current affairs but this was a real kick up the bum when I was able to contribute more to being a mime artist than the conversation on whether the BBC should be privatised. So, it’s the Economist and Radio 4 for me when I get back!

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4 Responses to Edinburgh Peak & Chat

  1. Luce says:

    Nah balls to that petal, you are plenty interesting and plenty entertaining, and any-hoo you’re never home to watch telly with all these amazing adventures of yours so who cares about the beeb!! Xxx

  2. David Cockburn says:

    Hi, sent note out to “wall all” yesterday so much talk in office about your progress and for example”…I knew Lesley was made of strong stuff” and such like, so lots of support/following from Mars community and hope you get a few more donations too. Been studying forecast, 2 days ago you were heading for fast beam reach through scoring gates while others were not, now its all changed and (300nm to start of gate as I write) for you its looking like dead run in lighter airs. Message here is that no shame in last position – you are at the mercy of fickle weather gods and you need a tad of luck too thats not been happening so far with snapped halyards and mast climbs etc. When its all been equal you’ve proven your boat can be more than a match and so when your luck turns the best is yet to come. Glad you are all well and cheered up again!

  3. Sal says:

    Emergency Red Cross parcel on it’s way to Cape Town so you should at least have the prospect of more fruit cake for the Southern Oceans and hopefully the wind gods will be kinder and you’ll work your way up the field! Keep trimming …. neither the Beeb nor Radio 4 carry much by way of useful tips on how to do that ….

  4. Mike Stevenson says:

    Hi Lesley, nice to know that the quality of conversation is keeping up the high standards of leg 1. Just to refer back to a leg 1 experience, remember the square rigger, Danmark, which we met just before Madeira? I found her on the internet, she was built in 1932 for the Danish merchant marine for sail training and is, apparrently still doing that sort of role today. I thought that she flew a finnish flag, though…..
    I read about your encounter with the other Edinburgh. Sounds great! Hope everyone is well and happy. Just to make you jealous I have to tell you that I am about to set off for my local. I’ll drink a few pints to the health of the crew. Best wishes. Mike Stevenson

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