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Ooh what a treat, we’ve just had popcorn – a real pleasure after so much chocolate. It made me think of a few popcorn highlights to share with you…

Breaching of a white whale today in the sunshine.
Downwind sailing at last – sadly no spinnaker as it blew apart! So, we have our Yankie 2 poled out. Sunrise and sunset today have been magnificent. Music on deck again now that the rain and gales have stopped. Boat jobs being done so that we have less to do in port. On the home stretch to Cape Town. Ashridge University are using the race to do some sort of leadership and team building study. I’ve been asked to get involved which is great news – both from the perspective of having an interest in what they are studying and how they are doing it and from a person on board who has a few views on this sort of stuff (those that know me well can only imagine!!!). The intro meeting is in Cape Town and then we have to do a few surveys I think. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

Not such a highlight but a point of contemplation. When I signed up for this, I wanted to take part in an adventure to sail around the world, the fact that it was a race didn’t really come into it for me. Once we began though, I did start to get a bit het up about coming first, now clearly that has not happened and it looks like we’ll be last again this leg. It has caused a bit of frustration in the crew and some talk about how we can improve our place in future races. Personally I believe that there are 2 fundamentals that we need to change – both of which the crew have little control over so I’ve decided not to get frustrated about the things that I cannot control. A little chat in the snake pit with Rich also helped. He pointed out that in all honesty, we are a bunch of ‘office workers’ who have taken a race yacht out round the world’s oceans and that perhaps calling it a race is a bit far fetched. His words served as a good reminder of why I signed up in the first place and brought back a bit of perspective. So, last it is for this leg and perhaps a few more, the key for me is to remain focused on why I wanted to do this in the first place and to relax about things beyond my control. The one draw back is that we get less time in port than the other boats, but if we do what we can as we sail along that will help minimise the boat time ashore.

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8 Responses to Popcorn Blog

  1. Luce says:

    I knew it would bug you but just remember the hare and the tortoise babe…. And yes, wise thoughts indeed, this is LBA (bit like Brians Big Adventure only it’s Lesleys) and it’s all part of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the irritating, the winning and the losing. And unlike others you have plenty of opportunity to win, you are doing every leg. Big hugs from us 4, and trust me, you are not missing out-well you are but I’d love to be missing out on the hour long feeds and the colic screaming sessions, the toddler teething and toddler tantrums! When you get back my children will be lovely again!! Xxxx

  2. Simon Johnson says:

    I am sure Nadine Stair would make sure she checked the scent of the roses on the way, nice to win but I feel that the journey and the memories are more important than the getting to the destination first in life.

  3. Sal says:

    It is absolutely YOUR journey that matters. The extra days in port would, of course, be a bonus but to sail on a happy ship that isn’t driven to distraction by the need to win might not be such a bad thing. As you say most of the reasons for your slowness are beyond your control and maybe next leg you will have a fully fit crew; less water under your bunk and a favourable wind …. I certainly hope so. And if my parcel arrives in time you might have some fruit cake to eat on the Southern Oceans. Enjoy every moment because as White Stuff say – A bad day on the water is still better than a good day in the office!! Believe me they’re right! Lots of electronic hugs.

  4. David says:

    Good attitude about more relaxed approach to the race and the result not mattering that much. I think I’ve developed the same mindset but through following the fortunes of Scotlands national football team. Go along for the party and don’t expect too much more. Enjoy the sail!

  5. chris cowen says:

    Your getting lots of good advise and it stricks me you have a better outlook already. The other thing is you are the winner just by being able to take part in this wonderful experience. If you dont have the troughs you cant appreciate the the peaks. I also think that you are a key member of the crew, you seem to be keeping some of them going which fantastic considering what you’ve been going through! that a girl. I’m still so in awe of you. x

  6. Mike Stevenson says:

    Hi Lesley, I’m safely back home following your progress from the safety of the office chair by the computer. Is Ash Ridge an American uni, or is it South African? I’m sure that your involvement in their study will be helpful and it is sure to be interesting for you and for me. My guess is that we will agree on the two fundamentals which prevent Edinburgh sailing as quickly as Gold Coast. Lack of route planning and lack of proper crew training in sail trim etc. Whatever happens to Edinburgh I wish you all well, and frequently wish that I was with you. Cheers. Mike

  7. Jennie Lindfield says:

    Hi Les . . . . just to say hi and am loving the updates. Enjoy Cape Town, it’s an amazing place. X

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