So near, yet so far.

It’s 3.13am on the 29th September an we’re fighting with some not so helpful winds as we push through the last 250 miles to Cape Town. Some of the boats are already in and as we bring up the back of the fleet again, we can only hope that we make it in the next 48 hours. The wind is from behind and is ever shifting making it hard for us to hold the course we need. For us RTWers, we have learnt that it is never good to hang your hat on being in on a certain day, but for the leggers the last few days have seemed never ending as they dream of showers, dry land and loved ones.

The helming isn’t easy due to the inconsistent wind angle and the waves, so that’s adding to the desire to hit land. We’ve heard the marina is full of great shops and places to eat – I’m looking forward to some fresh veg and seafood as well as the simple things like having a coffee in a coffee shop. It looks like we’ll have a busy stop over, partly because it is so short and partly due to the Clipper media agenda.

The seabirds that have followed us all the way are beginning to get smaller as we get closer to land and we’re seeing more shipping; a highlight so far has been a boat on the AIS called ‘Mineral Water’. [I’ve just re-read that, it is a fair indication of life at sea when boat names become highlights – we must be desperate!]

It’s been interesting finding out what I miss being at sea, there are the obvious things like friends and family, my duvet and fresh food, then there are the other things that I hadn’t really thought about – a night on the sofa watching a film, trees and hills, being able to go for a walk, personal space, dry hands, reading a book, sitting in a coffee shop, the list goes on. Where else though could you get 24 hour fresh air, the occasional whale visit, wave surfing and big smiles?

Oh and bring on a glass of South African wine!

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2 Responses to So near, yet so far.

  1. English Sis says:

    Come on the purple beastie – go get that wine xxxx

  2. Martyn Roan says:

    In port now ?…Well done Lesley, yet another trans atlantic crossing then ! Starting to look really good on the ol’ CV already .Hope you have time for a couple of hours holding a glass or two. (Missing the LRRTW posts alread…) Well done girl …safe trip to OZ.

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