The Wine Is Good

South Africa is fantastic.  The wine is everything I hoped, Cape Town is beautiful and our marina sits in the shadow of table mountain.  It ireally is a spectacular place.  Sadly I’m not going to have time to see much of it but I do intend to return soon. 

It has been lovely to meet some of the crew members families who have come out to visit.  The support from everyones friends and family has been incredible, whether it’s letters or parcels that have been sent or visits, it really makes such a huge difference.  Rich’s Mum has come out to see him this stopover and has been kind enough to do our washing for us – you wouldn’t believe how the simple things in life become quite complex when you are on a boat or in a marina with little time. Having you Mum (or in this case someone elses) do your washing for you is such a luxury and means so much.

Although last in, we had a huge welcome from all the other boats as we pulled into the marina.  Being cheered in by crew and locals alike was a great feeling.  There is still the achievement of having sailed here irrespective of the placings.  We even had our 5 minutes of fame on the stage at the prize giving when the Edinburgh crew showed everyone our dancing skills.  In ordinary life I’d never have the chance to stand on stage in South Africa with a team all in kilts and dance away to traditional local music whilst others looked on and clapped in time to the music, yes it may have been a little embarrasing but once you get into it, stick a smile on your face and let go a bit, it becomes quite good fun.

I have my first Rotary engagement this evening.  Fortunately the drinks reception comes before tha talk I have to give, so I’ll have a glass of wine for courage and cross my fingers that I can give the audience a good insight into the race and not bore them to tears!

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7 Responses to The Wine Is Good

  1. Sal says:

    I’m sure you’ll knock ’em dead. You have all the skills for excellent public speaking and now you have an interesting subject to talk about – you’ve managed to make Management Training interesting in the past so this will be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Glad you have some to help with the washing, as you say it is the little things that make the difference. Enjoy your stop over and fingers crossed for more time in Geraldton. Get Gordon a copy of the map and start planning ……!

  2. Alysoun says:

    Lesley you could NEVER be boring. You will have been incredible, funny, intelligent and ….. and everything brilliant. Go girl. Just hope the watch is still working… L O L

  3. David Cockburn says:’ve inspired us all,,,, for the adults – we’ve just gone and burst open a bottle of South African white (simultaneously breaking our no drinking during the week rule). Next, you have also inspired another young lady to sail round the world – so declared my daughter Katrina while we were talking about your exploits……she is aged 7….but nonetheless has around 1100nm under her belt (mostly trips to Rothsay/Milllport/Brodick and back – maybe Rio/Cape town one day???)

  4. Tilly says:

    Lesley – your friend Allison M-S got me onto your blog when I said I fantasised about doing the Clipper. I’ve been following you avidly ever since. Half of me envies you hugely and the other half is glad I’m not there!! Thanks for giving a lot of pleasure and vicarious thrills – and keep on blogging! Tilly.

  5. Brad Guymer says:

    I was one of the people you inspired during your presentation Lesley. It was great meeting you and amazing to hear your story so far. Good luck for the rest of the race. look forward to following you as the race goes on. Thanks again

  6. Zena says:

    Bet you had them all hanging on your every word! Enjoy the dry land, and the wine 🙂

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