Bits and Bobs

Here are some random things that I’ve been meaning to share and keep forgetting…

You’ll see from the piccies Scarlets pirate hat – it just appeared one day, quietly, and was worn all morning on the helm.  It’s disappeared since with no mention – I wonder when we will see it again, it made me smile 🙂

I think I may have mentioned the boys on my watch all having their bunks at the pointy end, Shaggy has glamourously named the top bunks ‘the penthouse apartments’ and the bottom bunks ‘waterside apartments’.  Occasionally all 4 of them can be found congregating down there with some music on – it’s a bit like when you are having a party and the best bit is always in the kitchen – I wonder what they are talking about sometimes, but no doubt it is complete ‘boy rubbish’ – I am now well versed in this and it is never important/interesting/relevant/worthwhile!

Our first leg gave us flying fish on deck, our second leg gave us squid on deck!  The first time it happened Baz and I pondered over the % change of a poor squid finding it’s way onto our deck and dying a slow, dry, horrible death under the jockey pole (this was where it had wedged itself), we decided it must be many millions to one.  We were proved wrong however as before the leg was out there were to be a few more squid land on our deck – not enough for cooking sadly!

Arriving in port beings with it a dose of ‘back to the real world’ where times, days and dates matter

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