It’s All About The People

It’s the people that count in life.  Being out here teaches you that money, belongings, job, appearance (yes, there is life without mascara!) and hobbies really make no difference.

I guess that logically we all know that to be true but so far this year it has become reality for me.  Without the support of friends and family at home and the guys on the boat I’d never make it through the year.

It’s the simple things in life that cost little or no money that have been so supportive and encouraging.  The snail mail letters and cards from the UK are such a treat when you get to port,  the little box of surprises that have been sent – nuts, lemon & ginger tea bags,  dried fruit.  The compilation cd, the little envelopes from friends to open along the way just to make me smile, the phone calls home from port, the comments on this blog.

The piccie above shows the RTW crew from my watch.  Shaggy (aka Nick Rudd) on the helm, Miss Daisy (he’ll love me for sharing that! aka Rich Abraham) next to the helm, Scarlet (aka Nick Barclay) in the board shorts and Baz sitting down to his porridge, and finally me with the delightful nickname of Doris – thanks Daisy!  These guys make me smile every day.  Whether it’s waking up next to Scarlet and seeing him grin at me, laughing at Baz when he’s pulling a funny face or doing a little dance, being shown engineering stuff by the ever patient Miss Daisy or being amazed by Shaggy and his ability to go from on deck to in bunk within 30 seconds.  We’ve all seen each other at our best and our worst, the good bits and the bad bits (Baz and Rich have even put up with me crying and they didn’t run away – sorry guys!) and yet we still think that each other are ok and we’d do anything we could to help each other, even when there is not that much to be done, just knowing someone else is there to listen or give you a hug is enough.  Not one of us cares what job we did, where we lived, how much we earnt, what clothes we wear out on a Saturday night or whether we played golf prior to getting on the boat, because in our world, none of that matters.  What does matter is who will make you smile when you’re down, who will help you when you’re stuck, who will share the workload when you’re tired, who will help you learn when you don’t know, who will look after you when you are ill, who will give you a hug when you most need one, who will let you know them for who they truly are and be honest.

This is a round the world yacht race but it’s really All About The People.

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8 Responses to It’s All About The People

  1. Sal says:

    Glad you have such a fab troupe of mates to help you on your adventure. Delighted to be a small part of the remote posse who provide the long distance support. Another snail mail will be on it’s way shortly! Sounds like you are making friends for life – I guess you can’t go through all of this and not have a connection forever. Have an electronic hug from me on credit – and if need see if Baz or Scarlet will exchange it for a real one! Take care and have fun!

  2. David Cockburn says:

    Well said!

  3. chris cowen says:

    I think you are so right, its such a great feeling to help each other through the tuff times, laugh and joke around. All of which are free and to witness these wonderful wonders of nature, whether its storm force gales, sun sets or ice bergs. You are living life to the full girl, good on you.
    Another electronic hug. x

  4. Sue Knight says:

    I wonder what it takes for us to get that without going round the world or the equivalent… and thank you Lesley for doing just that and sharing the vulnerability of learning… remembering you in India … which was the last time I saw you? Love, Sue

  5. David Cockburn says:

    Think you might be getting a dose of life changing stuff…but never mind that…and didn’t you think we’d notice….you’ve now turned up in blue oilskins, whereas I’ve only seen you in red before….where did you find the room to pack a selection of different coloured oilies?

  6. Zena Louth says:

    How wonderful to see a close up of your smiley face! David is right, this is your life changing experience and I think it’s great that you are sharing it all with us. When you get back I am willing to place a bet that your MBTI profile might be changing, ha ha ! xx

  7. Zena Louth says:


  8. Jacqueline Berry says:

    It absolutey is! I’m so proud to know you and have you as my friend. Happy birthday OCS :-)!! Birthday love and hugs jacqueline xxxxxx

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