Madness Setting In

Hours on deck with the correct sail plan means that there is not a huge amount to do when you are on watch so we have been inventing a few games to pass the time and keep us warm. There’s ‘runaround’ where we all runaround the helm. Then there’s ‘spot shapes in the clouds’. There’s ‘songs with related dances’ where we all sing Agadoo/YMCA/Timewarp/Blame It On The Boogie etc and perform the appropriate moves. We also have ‘Guess the move’ game, where I dance on the spot using a variety of sporting/fixing/cooking actions and the watch have to guess what they are eg. Skiing, climbing a ladder, grating cheese – who would have thought a round the world yacht race could take you back to some early 90’s dance moves? (Dave Hill, I’m thinking of Sealyham kids’ discos here!). Here is a little extract from Rich (aka Daisy or Trinnngg) with some further detail of our escapades [is it wrong to admit I quite like the games?]…

“Following the recent great successes of Ghetto wrestling, a game of Tag (yes the childhood ‘you’re it’) has now been introduced as it is more inclusive, especially for the fairer sex who seem to take umbridge when punched in the leg whilst sleeping. Like a summer of cricket, the game of Tag has now being running continuously for over 2 days. The only difference being we do not stop for bad light (continuing through the night) and I have yet to be brought any cucumber sandwiches. I am quite sure a game of Tag on a 68ft racing yacht is likely to contravene several of the maritime and coastguard agency health and safety rules. In an effort to ‘get to know you better’ (must have been a girl idea – thanks Doris (aka Lesley)) we had a sharing session yesterday, which, whilst it started positively, ended up with lots of hugging, crying and a large weight being lifted off my shoulder. I jest, it was more of a collection of slightly rude stories, often involving alcohol, which you wouldn’t want your mother to hear. This was rounded off with a game of ‘guess the animal’ where Doris and Sarah do animal impressions and we have to guess them. I am really quite upset we didn’t manage to get the CCTV footage out in time. However, there is one area the girls are trumping us at the moment, and it isn’t in being in touch with your feelings. Yesterday, Sarah got the speed record for this Race so far and, whilst beaming from ear to ear, she is not letting any of the Boys forget it! So, in this instance, it certainly looks like the girls are on top. The Madness is truly setting in!”

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