‘Christmas Day On The Boat’

I love Christmas Eve and got quite excited as the day went on. I especially loved the opportunity to play Santa’s little helper as I delivered Gold Coins to everyone’s bunk whilst they were asleep and to be on watch as we sailed into Christmas day. It was made very special by Paul and Katrina’s shopping (with Keith’s help). It started with scrambled eggs on toast made by Daisy/Tring (in my assistant engineering role I re-wired the toaster from an ozzy plug to a UK one – get me). Then during Christmas lunch Santa made an appearance and drove the boat for a while after he’d helped to carve the turkey. We were even treated to a fabulous red wine to accompany our cheese and biscuits. The even better thing about Christmas on the boat is that you get to wake up on Christmas day 3 or 4 times. Bring on Hogmanay!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me gifts for Christmas. I had a fabulous time opening them all. Each and every gift was very much appreciated (lego, lemon and ginger tea, puzzles, quizzes, sweets, nuts, moisturiser, lip balm, whiskey, cards, meals, drinks, the list goes on) so thank you to everyone – you made my Christmas. It is so nice to know that people at home haven’t forgotten me and are still thinking of me so many miles away. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and have a very enjoyable New Year. Also Thank You once again to those who have sponsored me for Cancer Research http://www.justgiving.com/J-Lesley-Roberts. I’ve raised almost £4k now, which is just amazing.

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1 Response to ‘Christmas Day On The Boat’

  1. Alysoun says:

    Lesley – it’s not “almost” it IS 4,000 GBP – go girl!!!

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