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It’s becoming a bit of a cult on board the ‘purple beastie’ writing our daily blogs (the avid follower may notice that sometimes my boat blog and this one can be quite similar!), we all enjoy both writing the blogs and reading the ones that have been written by our other crew members. So, this got me to thinking, if Triinngg’s speciality (other than sailing stuff/engineering/IT/highland fling, is there nothing he can’t do?) is Blogging then what about the rest of us? For Webbo it has to be bread making; herby/cheesy bread his (and our) favourite. For Karen, it’s Queen of Pizza making. Baz, Action Man status – any dangerous task above deck is where you’ll find him. Shaggy, the master of watching films. Scarlet, a talent for being first into bed after each watch, sometimes before I’ve even got off deck, how does he do it?, vertical to horizontal and snoozing in less than 30 seconds. For Keith, the opposite is true, always up, plenty of time before watch and last off deck, his internal body clock waking him earlier than everyone else. Paul’s talent is turning everything into a club class situation, he has even managed to turn left from the companionway to his bunk since the start and for me? I’m not sure what my speciality would be, perhaps introducing silly games to our watch to pass the time while on deck. Having said that, all this raising of the bar makes me want to work harder at my sailing skills, bread making, engineering etc, however, I’m not so keen on becoming an expert at heads fixing (Triings task for themorning) or the action man bits – I’ll leave them to Baz.
So what can I tell you that you don’t already know at this point in time? You’ve heard about Hogmanay, the heat, the islands, sail changes, mother watch etc, so, if I was you what would I be wanting to read? Well I guess it’d be about the day to day stuff that happens that makes each of us smile or hold our noses! Here’s a little bit of an insight to today’s activities…
– The boys of Neaps watch and the skipper have been flexing their muscles (Calm yourself ladies!) with a pull-up competition. Now I shouldn’t comment as I didn’t give it a go, but I’d say the bench-mark is not high and that with a bit of sneaky practice, us girls could give them a good run for their money. Apparently more deck muscle men Olympics are to follow tomorrow, press-ups this time I think.
– We’ve had all manner of sunhats on display and worn with great aplomb, the styles range from; straw cowboy (Scarlet), Daisy (Triinngg’s floppy number!), Marjory (Baz’s floral ensemble), Baseball cap (Karen) and finally Mr Becks jaunty sunhat with one side clipped up at a dashing angle.
– The galley today has been a place of interest, we’ve had fabulous scones (thanks to Jess and Anne) and some interesting bread croutons (a bit of a sticking to the tin issue). It’s not the first time this leg that food has been on the unusual side, we’ve had Jelly and Mousse that won’t set due to the heat, milk that turns as soon as you leave it for more that a couple of hours, butter that turns to a river in a tub in 10 minutes and a lovely fruit cake that became more of a purple blamange.
– Finding people in various states of undress and in numerous places on the boat to try in vain to get some breeze. It’s not uncommon to find an underwear clad crew member sitting on the floor in the ghetto under the main hatch in search of a breeze. We think nothing of this now – amazing what you become used to!
– It’s been a day for drying washing as we’ve had no rainy squalls -yeah. Believe it or not there is even a talent to this, where to hang the washing for the best breeze whilst being secure to the rail and ensuring that if it blows off it blows into the boat. Makes pegging out the washing at home seem a whole lot easier now doesn’t it?
– Triinngs i.pod playlist. It’s taken him 5 months to pluck up the courage to put a playlist together and stand in judgement on his musical taste. We have a 3 strikes and you’re out rule on playlists. The benchmark is high and in general Shaggy plays judge and sometimes jury too on this. Triinnggs didn’t start so well but he was saved by track 3 and given the grace of playing the ‘set’ all the way through our evening watch.
– Finally, the one thing that is concerning me today is that I fear we may soon be out of baby wipes. We buy them from our crew fund and have a set pot of money each leg for them. All well and good I hear you cry, that is until you are sweating profusely all day and trying to mop up rivers of cement like suntan cream that is dripping from you as you come off deck for lunch – nice! No more baby wipes means an even sweaty and stickier crew (eugh) than we have currently. No amount of deck showers or showers in a can, can compensate for the lack of baby wipes so I am bracing myself for a particularly fragrant last week into Singapore!
Well I’d better get back to the galley (imagine a sauna with an oven, kettle, hob and generator all in it and all turned on, to say it’s hot would be an understatement!) and to making lunch – it’s 8am and I’m trying to get everything cooked before the heat of the day really kicks in, at the moment my clothes are only semi damp with sweat and my hair is still dry – a bonus. My other aim is to look busy so that I don’t have to get involved in heads maintenance! I also rest safe in the knowledge that I can play any music I like in the galley and no one will overthrow me, today I’m having a Madonna day! and thanks to great friends I have some good playlists which seem to be surviving on deck. Finally when it comes to deck entertainment my giraffe facts, bean game and aerobics have still to be topped!
Oh, last bit of exciting news – Daddykins has learnt to use e.mail thanks to all the people at the local library who have been helping him, he is now able to send little messages and I’m loving it – well done Daddykins, you can teach an old dog new tricks. X

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