The Best Nights Out Are The Unplanned Ones…

You know, the ones where you say to your friends, “let’s have one cheeky drink” and they turn into a fabulous day of assorted drinks, good banter and many great stories that you relive for a while afterwards. Add in a generous portion of tropical sunshine, a pool with a swim up bar and a number of people who haven’t touched alcohol for 4 weeks and you will have our refuelling stop in Kota Kinabulu. The best refuelling stop I’ve ever had – I’m not a fan of having to stop the car on the M1 to refuel, in fact I try to put it off as long as possible. Perhaps the UK service stations should add infinity pools and palm trees and I’d enjoy it more! The icing on the cake for me was the fact that I was on mother watch and before I’d even had the chance to think about preparing lunch, Shaggy suggested that we have it ashore. Due to a lack of fuel at the pump this turned into lunch with afternoon drinks, a swim to cool down, some more drinks at the swim up bar (had to be done, the cocktails were amazing), a proper shower with a fluffy towel (oh the joy!) and then dinner – none of which we had to prepare ourselves or clear up!

I can only hope that this is a taster of what we will be able to enjoy in the 2 days at Batam before moving on to Singapore!

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1 Response to The Best Nights Out Are The Unplanned Ones…

  1. B Hay says:

    Lesley! I finally got on here after, yes, embarassingly, months and months. Haven’t caught up with all your blog but have read some and it sounds truly amazing – over-used word but in this case it really does! Particularly like this post – sounds much more up my alley than all that sailing stuff ;-). Enjoy the rest of the trip and look fwd to hearing the stories over a drink (though sadly not at a swim up bar) when you get back… Belinda XXX PS All good here – the challenges are different to yours of course but still plenty of thrills and spills!

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