Assistant Engineer

I think there must be something wrong with me…  I am quite excited and proud of the pump action on the newly serviced heads!  Now there is a statement I never thought I’d hear myself say.  One thing I had thought I would draw the line at, was getting anywhere near the heads on the boat in any other capacity than to go to the toilet but this stopover has seen me hone my engineering skills further than just securing bins and changing light bulbs.  I have become fully versed in wire stripping and crimping, servicing the generator and engine (oil and filter change queen!), pickling the water maker and most satisfyingly cleaning, lubricating and generally giving some TLC to the port heads.  Clearly I have not just been left to my own devices on these engineering tasks as that would just be a disaster, but with some patient guidance (patience on both sides I think!), both Daisy and I have made it through most of our engineering duties for the stopover.  I do have to admit though, that as I type this I have left him to go and get started on the starboard heads on his own.  He likes to pontificate about things and drink a few cups of coffee before he gets started so by the time I get down there we should be ready to get going.


Oooh and I’ve learnt the uses and properties of self-immalgamating tape!

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