A Furry Stowaway

Now, I wish I could say that this was a cat but sadly it’s not. We suspected that we may have a small rodent on board, nibbled food packs and droppings giving it away. Panda (Anne) was hopeful it was a mouse of the small cute field variety. Others of us were a little more sceptical and thought it might be something a little larger! I can definitely confirm, after a small girly squeak was emitted as it ran through the saloon, jumped the ghetto door step, hopped over my foot and shot under the hospital bunk, that it is indeed a rat. No amount of searching with a torch was going to uncover the wee beastie so I walked away bravely and went to tell the rest of my watch. I thought I felt it again when I was in the galley 15 minutes later. This time my small girly squeak was as a result of something brushing past my thigh – the oven door!

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