Morning all… it’s 6.25am here on the ‘Purple Beastie’. I’ve just come off a lovely starry watch to have breakfast, fill in the ship’s log (a legal document, you know!) and drop you all a few lines before bed. Sadly all has not gone to plan – breakfast was great but the log involves me starting the generator to charge the house batteries (engineering speak there, I hope you are keeping up?) and our beloved genny is being temperamental as ever, if she were a woman she would have permanent PMT! So, in true engineering fashion I’ve twiddled a few knobs, tweaked some switches, hit the starter motor with a hammer and had a break to write this. Next step, – call the chief engineer (who is also a mother today, such multitasking!) and leave him with the problem. Life on the boat has become a little tippy and breezy of late. SO much for the sunshine cruise! However, for the first time in this year’s race history we are still amongst the pack one week in, not only that, we are in a good position within the fleet. As for the temperature, it’s still too hot below deck but becoming a pleasant temperature above. We are all a little apprehensive of the cold weather to come. I thought I’d share with you some things that have made me laugh in the last few days. I’ve been woken up for watch by Baz and Scarlet singing ‘In The Jungle, the mighty jungle…’ what more could you ask for when getting roused from your bunk? It certainly makes a change from the other alternatives of name calling, touching and, least loved – the torch in the face. Oh, there is occasionally the smoke or bilge alarms that wake you but that’s just a happy coincidence if they coincide with wake-up time. I’ve also had the pleasure of laughing with Mr Beck as, whilst helming, he just kept turning with the wheel. He went from perfectly vertical to a 90 degree angle along with the helm as he forgot to move his hands – in true weeble style though, he didn’t fall over, just got back up. Finally, my biggest laugh has to go to Triinnng who, when bigling under one of the bunks, slid bottom first into one of the bilges and was stuck there for some moments. It was all I could do not to fall over too with laughter and the heel of the boat, this also made me feel slightly guilty as I was of no use in helping to pull him out. Anyway, I’ve probably delayed the generator issue long enough now, so I’m off in search of the chief engineer/today’s mother to get some help and to work out a way of sloping off to bed without them feeling like they’ve just been abandoned with a temperamental woman! Wish me luck.

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