Mutiny on The Bounty

It’s finally happened, there has been a mutiny! It all took place over the stops in Batam and Singapore, culminating with a formal crew meeting which included the race director Geoff as an observer. Clearly I can’t print any of the gossip although I know you are all dying to know – you’ll have to buy me a drink sometime and I’ll tell you! The outcome has been a renewed focus on the race, mixed up watches 😦 and some subdued crew. On the ‘up side’ the new watches have brought in a new watch leader – a very well deserved round of applause to our new ‘Illustrious Leader’, Triinnnng/Daisy, and already he is doing a brilliant job. And of course with new watches come new watch names, Baz now heads up Dragon watch (I’m sure us wining the Dragonboat race and it being the year of the dragon has something to do with this) and I’m on Beaver watch, so called after Triinggg’s nephew’s cuddly Beaver toy that he is taking round the world with us. We also have a new recruit this leg, Rich Gould has joined us, much to our delight as it appears he is the King of sail trim (well perhaps a close second to Dave Warwick). I’m learning lots about trimming sails which is great and, I’m sure Rich is a big part of the reason we are doing so well in this race, he’s a real asset to he crew and Beaver watch are very lucky to have him.

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