Valentines Blog

The boys done good. I’ve woken up to pink heart bunting on my bunk, a heart balloon at the end of the bed, a heart shaped chocolate on the pillow and a bunch of flowers. I’ve even had a Valentine card with a poem especially for Doris in it. It has to be said the boys have pulled out all the stops and all 3 girls have huge grins on our faces. We’ve had a fabulous day with romantic tunes in the afternoon sunshine and a fabulous sunset. I’m now on night watch and there are thousands of stars in the sky. Who would have thought that Valentines Day on a boat of 12 sailing the South China Sea could be so romantic and so much fun.
NB: Shame about the fact we have very little wind it is an Ocean Race after all, but we are in for some cold and rough weather in the next few days so I’m making the most of the respite – even managed to wash my hair yesterday, so for a couple of days it’ll be salt free – woo hoo.

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  1. David Cockburn says:

    …amazing that those resourceful boys managed to find a bunch of flowers in the middle of the ocean. How did they do that this far into the leg??? I tried to find some flowers on the way home, M&S, BP garage, Co-op, Morrisons…all sold out I’m ashamed to say.

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