Ode to a rat…

Well Mr Rat, lets just say that some of the boys on the boat think you have met your match, I on the other hand think you will evade us until we get to port then stroll off nonchalantly, no passport needed, having enjoyed a slightly salty, chilly and turbulent ride from Singapore to China with plenty of food! Triinnng (loving a problem and using his engineering skills to solve!) has built a rat trap from a kitchen pan, a bit of cardboard tube and some chocolate (Blue Peter eat your heart out). He believes you will smell the chocolate, walk up the cardboard ramp, sea-saw into the pan, eat the chocolate and be stuck there until he gleefully finds you and can throw you over-board. I’m not sure he’s factored in that we are on a moving boat hence the cardboard will not stay in place, that should the cardboard remain in place long enough for you to climb up it that, you may well tip off yourself before making it into the pan, that if you did successfully make it into the pan you’d enjoy the chocolate then use the cardboard to climb back out or just jump as you appear to be quite adept at getting into high up cave lockers so the pan height would be child’s play for you. Then we have Baz’s approach (also loving a problem and using his action man skills to solve!). I was woken by him the other day saying to Triinnggg “just be careful that you don’t hit Doris with the mallet instead of the rat” as they were looking for you alongside my bunk. He has also taken to hunting you down with a mallet in the saloon, blocking off all entry and exit points and in his mind having you cornered, where-upon he can catch you Tom and Jerry style with his mallet. I think you are smarter than both of them though, as the 2 times I have seen you the boys, also in the same vicinity, have been oblivious to your presence; Shaggy too engrossed in a movie to notice and Scarlet and Trinngg unaware of your dash through the saloon coming to a screeching spreadeagled halt when you saw the 3 of us, executing a perfect 180 handbreak turn before shooting off back in the direction you had come from. Keith has seen you too now and you appear to have grown in size overnight so I’m going to suggest Baz gets a bigger hammer and Trinnggg rigs up some form of netting trap as the pan is never going to contain you. So at the moment it’s Rat 2, Boys 0.

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