Weather kicks in

An excerpt from Rich Gould’s boat blog, it gives a good overview of what’s going on:- “We are still South of Taiwan at the moment and we are expecting the weather to become worse as we clear the northern extremity in the coming days having (hopefully) ridden the current all the way up the Taiwanese east coast. Then I am sure that we will have the ‘long cold arduous days’ and the ‘vicious head winds’ and the huge swell but until then here on board the ‘Great purple beastie’ we are fully embracing that old nautical saying. “Fix broken stuff while the sun shines and you can do it with out falling over.” So while keeping the boat trimmed to constantly optimise our boat speed our days are still currently filled with the odd bit of whipping here and the odd bit of sewing there, all the tasks that are far more difficult to do when it’s blowing a squillion knots on deck, because, like I said, you fall over!

In amongst all our trimming and fixing and talking about the weather there has also been a lot of discussion about our tactical manoeuvres. As I write this Visit Finland are less than a mile directly of our port beam. It’s been a game of cat and mouse or should I say Haggis and Santa Claus for the past few days with the 6 hourly position reports we receive on board constantly showing gains or loses in miles between boats. In the past 72 hours Finland have caught up with us over taken us and pulled out a bit of a lead (12 miles at one point) and then we managed to slowly pull them back in and now having spent the whole day trying to out tacticalise them (tacticalise is a very technical sailing word!) we are now overtaking them. Hopefully this should improve our position when the next position report comes in.

The breeze has now begun to build and in the past five minutes the ‘Great purple beastie’ has become a lot more ‘leany over’ (another very technical term which means the boat leaning to one side due to the wind) so who knows, today could be the day that the weather we have all been talking about for so long begins, who knows today could be the day it all gets a little bit splishy and splashy and perhaps even a bit whoa and a bit whey. Who knows, only time will tell……………………… ”

Well, that was written last night and without a shadow of a doubt the weather has kicked in. We have big winds, big nasty choppy waves and a big swell running. We are drowned rats and I wonder what our on-board furry friend is making of it all?

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2 Responses to Weather kicks in

  1. David Cockburn says:

    What did customs make of you bringing live animals into port – recently downloaded Fawlty Towers so the kids could watch for the first time; what you need for a Siberian Hamster/rat is a tin of assorted crackers – gets em every time!

  2. David Cockburn says:

    HI, just back from my naval units 40th anniversary celebrations Sat night – got my first hangover in years and its still having an effect 3 days later. It was 57p a pint last time a spent the night in Glasgow. Amazingly I lasted until 3.30am. Nice thing was meeting up with some pals that I shared adventures with 25-30 years ago, haven’t seen them since, and it was just like picking up from yesterday. Point of the story is that I think you are likely going to develop some similar lifelong friendships.

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