On The Lighter Side Of Life

We have only one gas ring working; imagine, cooking for 15 people in a moving kitchen with one gas ring and everything you then put on that ring insists on sliding all over the cooker whilst you are flung from one side of the kitchen to the other. I’d been thinking about trying to be more healthy (less biscuits, no desserts, smaller portions etc) but the extra padding on the hips has meant that the bruises are less painful! I also had to laugh the other day as Baz came down the companion way steps holding our helming compass; this is a little unnerving as you then wonder how on earth the helm has any idea where they are going (windex and dials etc I’m sure but the compass is quite a reassuring site as you helm in 30 knots). He then handed it to Scarlet who was sitting in the saloon and disappeared for 20 minutes. So, Scarlet now has a clear idea of the direction of travel from the saloon seating – a new experience for us in the saloon but not probably the best use of the compass. Baz reappears later with a new bulb for the compass and it all becomes a little clearer what is going on. It’s funny the number of jobs you have to do as you are sailing along. There is no stopping for a bit of DIY, you just have to work around the fact you are moving. It’s the same with bilging, a joy every day to move buckets of cold, deasily water from under bunks and floor boards through the saloon, up the companion way hatch and over the side whilst heeling over at 30 degrees. Not easy on land and a 2.5 hour job on a moving ocean! Did someone pay me to do this I often question? Nope, that’s right, I actually paid for the pleasure. Thank you again to all who sponsored me for cancer research because it’s at times like this that you keep me going.
Also making me smile this leg; Steve the polar bear is OK. Paul’s wife has e-mailed to say he is where he belongs on the glass table at the door- phew! Rich was presented with a beautiful superhero’s cape and blown up rubber gloves for his birthday last week, I’ll attach a picture for you when we get to port. Most attractive! And finally I ought to mention that due to our lack of mirror on board I have discovered that the bread oven door does a good job and due to the fact it is tinted and smeared it hides the wrinkles beautifully.

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