Stopover Prep

914 miles to go… not that we are counting! Goldilocks pointed out to me today that we had actually taken longer to get to Singapore than we have been on the boat so far this leg but somehow, and I can’t imagine what it was (sunshine/scenery/night stars – or all of the above!) that made it feel a lot shorter. However, as I write we are hurtling along at anywhere between 10 knots and 18 on the surf, so San Fran gets closer every day.

We also know the arrival is upon us as Shaggy, in his stopover manager capacity, has started the jobs list and has created his usual spreadsheet of joyous tasks for when we are in port. We will have the deep clean to do for the first few days then we will all split into our respective specialist areas (if you can call it that!). Karen, Webbo and Webbo’s family; sail repair extraordinaires. Keith, Janet & Georg on safety and rigging. Trinngg and myself engineering, which, this time includes not only the gen set, water maker and engine full service but the joy of servicing the heads again too – you can imagine my delight!. Baz the Bosun on all above deck maintenance ably assisted by anyone he can get hold of, sometimes Scarlet when he is not illusive! On drums, oh no wait, different group!! On cleaning we have Paulo, Mary-Ann and Steve so that just leaves Shaggy for clip board monitoring and deck sealing. Our new leggers including the return of Panda, will take charge of food shopping, packing and stowage.

In order to help with the food planning Goldilocks and I spent some of the afternoon with our heads under the seats in the saloon doing an inventory of what’s left on the boat (we are unlikely ever to need to buy flour again!) and cleaning them ready for the new supplies. If anyone has any new menu suggestions please send them in as noodles, bread, pasta and rice are all getting a little tedious, not to mention square and triangular meat and porridge (not together you understand!).

It’s a little breezy upstairs right now and we have our Yankee 2 poled out and a full main (reef 1 has an issue so when we do reef it will be straight to reef 2 therefore we are holding on as long as possible) so I have been sliding around the nav station giving my core muscles a good work out as I try to remain in place while I type. I’m about to give up though and bid you goodnight as I head for my bunk complete with hot sig bottle to warm my ever cold feet.

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  1. Sal says:

    You could try Couscous or Pollenta – slightly different textures but easy to make!

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