What a guy, what a breath of fresh air, more, more, more. Flavio is just what we needed. He is amazing. He is professional, respectful, level headed, calm, polite, a great sailor, works harder than anyone in the crew, no job is too big or too small, he asks for input, discusses ideas, has a desire and capability to win and is sadly with us for only one leg.
The difference in the crew is astonishing. Yes, the sun is shining but Flav is what has made the real difference. His role model behaviour has raised the bar for everyone and the difference is clear to see. Thank you Flav, you’ll never know how much we needed you.

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2 Responses to NEW SKIPPER

  1. tillyv says:

    Glad to hear a sense of optimism return! Good luck. You will definitely feel that sense of achievement when it is all over. Keep smiling meanwhile.

  2. David Cockburn says:

    …you were reserving story about old skipper but I think you’ve just told us in this latest blog! Shame about spinnaker wrap problems as I think you might have been podium contender this time.

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