Once again a big thank you to all who have sponsored me and continue to do so. I have now raised over £4k for cancer research and am so grateful to everyone for their donations. Also, thank you again to all at Mars in the various units across the world who have donated chocolate, condiments and food for us. The chocolate is long gone now, but the sauces and the rice continue to keep us going. The wide variety of sauces (both in flavour and in packaging) are enjoyed by all and make cooking on board so easy. Finally thank you to all my friends who keep me going with e.mails, letters and gifts along the way. I love arriving in port to letters and packages. The latest exciting package in San Fran was from Ali and Nick containing all sorts of Easter goodies. Lots of Lindt bunnies (my favourite), an Easter Egg Tiger – to help me re-locate my inner tiger after the Pacific. A sodoku book (one a day pre lunch). And most excitingly a pair of Sport Relief deely boppers. I can highly recommend these for making people smile. I wore them during our stopover maintenance jobs to the delight of Daisy who watched me hit them on almost everything as we serviced the generator and the engine. Yesterday I brought them out for mother watch and yet again bumped them occasionally on low areas of the boat (tall people how do you cope?). So today, I think the best place for them is on deck. Yes, I know it doesn’t take Einstein to work that out and you’d think I’d have thought of this before now but sometimes my enthusiasm gets in the way! Thank you everyone.

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