As we hit San Fran having crossed the Pacific both my mind and the minds of people I speak to have turned to home. Jobs, places to live, what the future looks like, are all things going through my mind. Other people ask me “What’s changed about you? How will you re-integrate to society when you return?” The honest answer is I don’t know. Mainly because at the moment I’m not sure I am aware if there have been any big changes in how I view the world or changes in my values or principles. I do know that I have more clarity in some areas of life but I’m not sure that makes me any different from how I was before. I guess I won’t know ’till I get home and then I’m sure I’ll realise some things for myself and good friends will tell me the other bits. Perhaps I’m more relaxed about life now but other than that we’ll have to wait and see. Those that know me well will know that the ‘To Do’ lists have started for my return; Dentist/Hairdresser etc appointments. Sort out financial stuff, find somewhere to live and so on, the lists are ever growing. I’m quite enjoying the feeling of being proactive but come up against a brick wall when I have no means of putting any of them into action until I get to a port where the time is then taken up with boat commitments. I know everything will be fine though and I’m very much looking forward to getting home to see friends and family again.

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  1. David Cockburn says:

    …who am I with my endless to do lists to give out advice but there’s not much you can do until you get back and the lists will create themselves in no time when you do. I’d just enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure and forget about the lists until you get back – as you said yourself everything will be fine.

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