(This too should have been posted earlier – hopefully back on track now! Ali)
OK so the best laid plans of mice and men… The wind has died, just at the point we were about to reach the ‘Windward Passage’, oh the irony! Firstly we hoisted the lightweight kite and watched it flap around a bit then we hoisted the windseeker and watched it flap around too. Our consolation in all of this was that the rest of the fleet were stuck too. We could see them all bobbing around us. The skippers, obviously bored began a game of I Spy on the VHF, to much amusement. The wind did fill in for a bit and we managed a few miles under the Yankee 1 before it died again. Within those few miles some very tactical decisions on course were made (many boats favouring a westward passage passing near the coast of Cuba) and sadly we went from being at the front of the fleet to being almost at the back as we took a more Easterly route. We have bobbed around for 24 hours now with no wind. Scarlet and Georg have been swimming, others of us sunbathing, reading, sleeping. Flav has been mainly pacing the deck or sitting in the nav station staring at the AIS and weather charts, swearing under his breath and becoming more and more frustrated. For the rest of us, this is familiar territory, we’ve been here before and 9 months in, we are used to being at the back and seeing the other boats pull away. Flav is desperate to get the boat moving and I’m sure if he thought that swimming behind and pushing CV1 would make the difference, he’d do it. Fingers crossed for more breeze for us and the others getting stuck this time!

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