Has a race ever been so close? I have gone from excited to rejoicing to wishing to wind dancing to deflated and am now just waiting to see what happens. The ‘Purple Beastie’ (or Eggs ‘n’ Burger as Goldcoast/Cold Toast call us) does not perform well in light winds. Last night the wind gave up the ghost and we bobbed around and could do nothing but watch as the rest of the fleet caught us up. I went to bed at 6am and we were still 3rd but it was only just. On getting up at mid day we had slipped to 4th and are now currently 5th. Whilst we are trying everything we can (even moving water from starboard to port tanks) we did not seem to be able to match the speed of the boats sailing past. Both Geraldton and DLL have now overtaken us. It’s hard to stay motivated and positive when there is just nothing you can do to match their speed. Finally the wind has filled in for us and we’re flying the lightweight spinnaker again. 91 miles to go to New York and 2 boats to pass (9 miles and 15 miles away) if we are to regain 3rd place. We are moving a knot faster than Geraldton (in 4th) so we may get them but can we get DLL???

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5 Responses to FRUSTRATION

  1. Martyn Roan says:

    Best ever result so far Lesley ! … May have been a tad frustrating for you and the guys but hey ..5th is brill news ! Still 4 more races to go ..(hope I don’t slow you down.. ) See you NY @weekend . Take care .

  2. David Cockburn says:

    Well done for a very creditable 5th place. I think there is substance behind your thoughts about the purple beastie slower than rest in light airs. I seem to recall reading that she was the first one of the fleet out of the mould and ballast adjustments cause her to sit lower in the water. This would mean higher wetted area = more drag = harder to get going in light winds. Can you check this out and let us know? If true you need to get back to clipper HQ and apply for handicap adjustment.

  3. Sal says:

    Well now you have had a taste of being at the front you have 4 more races to fine tune it. Enjoy the Big Apple and hope you don’t spend too long repairing sails. See you in Southampton in no time at all!

  4. David Cockburn says:

    Lovely shot of the statue – but what’s that hanging from the boom – have I had one glass too many or is that a wee cuddly toy?

  5. David Cockburn says:

    Yep, looks to me like a wee highland cattle thing we sell in abundance to tourists, I can see two horns, a wee face c/w eyes and nostrils, but where’s the legs? I’ll have another brandy and come back in half an hour and take another look….

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