Best Result Yet

4th place and an amazing finish. I came on deck about an hour before we crossed the line to find Singapore right next to us. It is so incredible to think that after 500 miles of racing that we should be so close. To make matters even more tense the fog descended and we were left trying to second guess when they were going to tack. To cross the line we had to tack over then tack back but if course we wanted to do it in such a way that we gained the advantage. Eventually the fog lifted and we could see not only Singapore but New York and Geraldton on our starboard side. This has been the best race finish. It was so exciting to battle it out for 4th place. We finished 30 seconds ahead of Singapore who were only a few seconds ahead of Geraldton. A great finish to a lovely dry downwind short race. The next one across the Atlantic will be a bit if a shock to some if our leggers who have enjoyed the luxury of sunshine and calm but I’m sure once they are used to crashing waves, a lean of 35 degrees and bouncing bunks, they’ll love it!

Last night we all attended the prize giving at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron. People there took great delight in our team kilts which went down a storm when we took to the dancefloor for The Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’. Justin (the assistant race director) has specifically requested that we remain polite, respectful and not too outrageously drunk as it was a Royal Yacht Squadron, I’m not sure what he would have made of us encouraging the Commodore onto the dancefloor then unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his tie – he didn’t seem to mind though! It would have been unkind not to share our kilts with the rest of Halifax so we headed into town, more dancing and more live music. The hen do we bumped into got a bit more than they bargained for when the bride became surrounded by 8 kilted men! So a great race, a very exciting finish and a good night out. Just warming up for Derry!

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