So near, yet so far…

Well our race to Derry is drawing to a close. We have 2 days left to run and are in 5th place, pushing for 4th. It’s been a tough race. Upwind all the way so we’ve been at a 35 degree angle for 2 weeks now and it gets a bit wearing after a while. In the last few days we’ve seen winds of up to 36 apparent across the deck, and although not the strongest winds or the biggest sea state that we’ve experienced, in the last stages of the race when we are all tired, it makes for very hard going. Life outside at the moment is grey, damp, cold and windy. Below deck is not much different as the boat is quite wet. My foulies are wet and cold when I put them on and I’m not getting enough sleep due to a horrible cold that has me coughing every time I lie down. Roll on the shores of Derry, a warm bed, a pint and perhaps some good old fish and chips. It will be odd to be sailing into a country where the local language is English, the currency sterling, the local delicacy stew and potatoes. So near yet so far for us as we will shortly leave there to sail away again to Den Helder before coming back to the UK and our finish in Southampton. I am aware that I sound a bit doom and gloom but I have most definitely had enough. It is time to get off and get back to work, friends, family dry land home comforts, greenery etc. I am sure once I’m over the cold and have had a few days rest in Derry that I’ll be looking forward to the last 2 short races but right now there is nothing I’d like more than to curl up in a big comfy bed and go to sleep with no pressure of having to get up and do anything. Fingers crossed for 4th place.

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7 Responses to So near, yet so far…

  1. Sarah Gray says:

    Lesley – keep smiling you are the most positive person I know. Your journey has been inspirational and we want to hear more about it when you are back in work.

  2. Sal says:

    Keep trucking …. 3 weeks to go …. enjoy your pint; your fish & chips and the comfy bed and hopefully your cold will improve. We’ll be there to meet you in Southampton and help to integrate you back into horizontal; stationary society!

  3. David Cockburn says:

    Hey! Guess what…after what will no doubt be the party of the trip, they have saved the best for last…bonnie Scotland. I’m wishing for steady winds and flats seas so you can enjoy the sheer beauty and wildlife of your homeland. We play a points system with the kids, so many for a seal, so many for a porpoise, but no-one has yet spotted a basking shark which attracts the maximum 50 points. I used to see odd one off the boat in the Clyde when I was a kid but I think they now tend to gather in western isles so keep your eyes peeled and 50 points in the bag. Had hoped to sail over to Derry for the weekend festivities but I’ve got the kids while wife is on nightshift – enjoy yourselves!

  4. John and Gaynor says:

    If we could, we would send you some Vic, Benylin and a hot water bottle ( some good old Irish Whiskey, honey and cider vinegar might do the trick!!) but we can send you our best wishes from Wales!!!!

  5. alysoun says:

    Lesley – nearly there !! Dig deep, you know you can do it and you’re such an inspiration – even with a bad cold! That bed isn’t too far away now. Here’s sending you loads of energy for the last lap… finishing line in sight. (HUG). Aly xx

  6. chris cowen says:

    Absolutely complete and utter respect to you Leslie, nearly there. Give it you very best shot and put this baby to bed. xx

  7. Staff says:

    I can’t wait to read all about your trip in the book that you MUST write! Signed copy for me please xx

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