My Mum died from Cancer on 1st August 2007. 

Many of the opportunities I have had in life have been due to the way my parents brought me up.  Their values, support throughout my education and the experiences I have had through them, have made me who I am today, and therefore have made it possible for me to take part in this race.

I’d like to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of my mum and other family who have died from cancer.  Also in memory of close friends parents and relations who have suffered too.

I hope to raise a significant amount for Cancer Research.  It is my aim to raise a sum that fairly reflects a years commitment to an event for charity.  I will be badgering, emailing and reminding all my friends and colleagues to donate (You have been warned!).

Every donation I get will help me keep going when life aboard becomes unbearable.  Your donations will help to remind me that I am not only doing this race for me but for the memories of others and for a charity which helps to support all of us in one way or another these days.

Please click on the link attached to support me and Cancer Research.  Every penny you donate will go to the charity.

Thank you



One more little plea…  On-board Edinburgh Inspiring Capital will be a tag team of experts and recipients of organ transplants.  They are an amazing group of people – those that save lives and those that now live their lives to the full because they realise that every day is a gift.  

The biggest thing anyone can do to help save the lives of people needing a transplant is to register as an organ-donor.

My cousin was one of the lucky ones, he received a liver transplant which has transformed his life and led him to becoming a father to 2 little girls.  Until he needed an organ I had always said I’d be happy to donate but not actually done anything about it.  I now have, I’ve registered on-line and told my nearest and dearest of my wishes.

If you are happy to donate and give the gift of life, then please take the next step, register and inform your family.

Here is the link to register.


 Thank you.

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