Unrelenting Wind

The weather is still giving us a battering, just the other day we experienced 50 knot (average force 10 gusting force 11) winds and were sailing with 3 reefs in the main and a storm jib. The noise and movement below deck was something akin to how I imagine clothes feel in a washing machine. Above deck the boiling sea and huge surf tossed our boat around like it was a toy. It was all we could do to hang on and stay upright as the rain pelted down, the waves washed the deck and the wind and surf shook us over at 40 degree angles. When a gust of 50kts blows through you experience a speed sensation akin to the acceleration when taking off in a plane, as the wave picks you up drives you hard and then drops you off ready for the next one. An unrelenting supply of kinetic energy from the potential of mother nature. At points it takes 2 on the helm just to manage the force needed to turn the wheel. So far we are lucky that the only damage has been our ripped mast track, from the pole incident, a broken jammer and some broken sail hanks.

All this weather does mean though that we are making fantastic progress towards New Zealand. We are about a day away from the bottom of south island from where we will turn north up the NZ coastline to the finish. We have made such good progress that the boats are likely to reach the finish a few days earlier than predicted – yeah, some well deserved down time when our boat jobs are done. We have also just won the ocean sprint (quickest time between 2 points) by 2 hours so are very pleased with ourselves.

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1 Response to Unrelenting Wind

  1. chris cowen says:

    So pleased for you Guys getting the best time. So well deserved. The weather sounds horrific. Its riviting reading and so well writen Leslie, you have yet another talent. Great stuff. x

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