It’s still grey and wet but now the wind is from behind. This makes for a bit of change in boat motion and also some great speeds on the surf (up to 23 knots so far) but it is a more dangerous sailing style. We have the Yankee 2 poled out and the main (little escape if it goes wrong!, sorry non boaty people, you’ll just have to try to keep up). Last night with multi-storey waves and a wind speed of up to 30 knots we almost broached after rounding up off some huge surf. This was enough to rouse our skipper from his bed to see what was going on. We enticed him on deck to helm whilst we put a reef in the main and checked all the rigging to ensure no damage had been done from the strain. We were lucky, all was fine but the helm was a bit loose, a small tweak with a winch handle and all sorted. The conditions are challenging and it’s a job for only the best helms. I do not envy their task as they fight the elements to keep us safe. Downwind has its perks but also its dangers!

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