Today is the longest day (21st June). It’s my favourite day of the year so I wasn’t best pleased when I woke this morning at 5.30am to thick clinging fog with water dripping from everything. We have been expecting the effect of tropical storm Chris for a couple of days now so our storm sails have been serviced and we are like coiled springs ready to reef or change sails at any moment. So far, so good though, the sea is calm and we are trucking along under the Yankee 1 with a full main in 21 knots of apparent breeze. [so that was this morning and it’s now into the wee small hours of the following day, Chris has now reached hurricane status but is most likely going to miss us – yeah]. The weather gods must have been smiling on us as at around 9am (when I returned to the deck from having bilged out the small swimming pool that is under my bunk – caused by some leak in our fresh water system!) the sun was shining in a cloudless sky. We have spent the rest of the day sailing in perfect winds, going in the right direction, in glorious sunshine. Our day was made even better by the beautiful sunset at 9.15pm and the joy of it still being daylight when we came off watch at 10pm. It’s now 3.15am in the morning of the following day, we are being treated to a clear starry night. The Milkyway is the only cloud in the sky surrounded by millions of stars. Fingers crossed for a beautiful sunrise just before we go to bed (not until I’ve emptied the swimming pool again though!). As Terry Wogan would say, ‘the nights are drawing in now so make the most of it.’

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3 Responses to LONGEST DAY

  1. Gaynor says:

    Hope you got your sunrise! Great to meet you in Halifax! Take care, say “llawer o gariad” to Barry from us!

  2. David Cockburn says:

    A question for you based on the longest day theme. When we go away on the boat for say one week, at the end it always feels like we’ve been away for two or three. Are you experiencing this phenomenon? I put it down to being entirely absorbed into your own world – a bit like when you were a kid and summer holidays seemed to last forever (with sunshine too!)

  3. David Cockburn says:

    …just checked the forecast as you enter the ocean sprint – from here looking good for a fast passage with strengthening winds on the port beam….but its gonna be rough! Nearly home now…

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